Monday, April 24, 2017

Pioneers of Photography

Pencil Of Nature- 1844

Cabbage Leaf- 1931

Chinese Pilot- 1938

Bi weekly #5 Lake House

Follow me to the water.
I know where we must go.
For we belong in the water.
Because it is our home.
But yet we must leave.
Go away from the water.
Because we aren't the only ones.
Who live in this water.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Bi weekly #3 Work Shop

The old boat builder lived on an island far away from town he didn't have many friend in fact not many people even knew he existed. But that never faded his smile. He wasn't home often for he still worked out at sea but when he was home with his little old wife you could hear him scraping away at yet another little boat.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Power of Photography: PSA: Oceanic Pollution

I think that protecting the earth's oceans should be a high priority for humans as a spices. Since the Ocean takes up most of the Earth's surface we should not take for granted how we treat it. Pollution is also causing problems with the fishing industry. Sea food is an important part of many peoples diets cause of it's abidance if it starts to decline many people would go hungry. Part's of me feel frustrated knowing how the Earth's Oceans are being abused since the Ocean has always been important to me. I have grown up on an island with the water always surrounding me. Although, I was never the best swimmer I still loved to be on it or in it even just being near it calms me down. The Ocean is a beautiful and mysterious place without fully being explored. It is unjust that It could be destroyed before it has even been fully understood. 

Oceans take up 71% of the Earth's surface. Humans only live on 2.9% of the Earth's surface yet we have polluted 88% of the Oceans surface; This is 62.48% of the Earth's total surface covered in pollution. Humans are the only creature's on this Earth that are creating this mess and humans are the only creature on Earth that are capable of cleaning it up. No one knows how long we will be able to live on this planet. However know one thinks that it will end soon. But each year pollution gets worse and worse, growing at an exponential rate of. Our Oceans are taking the biggest hit since no one is there to see what is happening. There our islands of garbage forming in the middle of the Ocean the currents pushing them together. Solid mass of pure garbage sturdy enough to stand on floating out in the middle of the Ocean with no witnesses and no one to stop it. We can't leave the Oceans like this, we can't leave the Earth like this or we will lose the only home we have. We need to start collecting polluting waste not just on land but in the ocean.

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Monday, March 27, 2017


Green is life, Green is wild, Green is nature.
Colors are full of meaning Green is a color that can mean many things.
Wealth, envy, sickness.
Green is a color of growth and prosperity
As well as sickness, toxins, and pollution
Yet is still the color of nature, life, and plants.
Green is many things but it is know for being.
A color. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Color, Movement, Portraits, and Architecture

To me the most amazing part of the trip was the busses, I have never been to New York City. But, my dad is there ever two weeks on the dot. He has always talked about it and the long drive down. I got to experience that long drive and I got to watch the city that never sleeps at night. I was able to see everyone star struck by it... for about five minuets before becoming bored and looking the other way. Either way it was amazing and beautiful and something I've never been able to do before.
Although I didn't notice when we actually got to Grand Central station I thought it was beautiful. The roof was huge and the painted constellations were dazzling. To me I think I enjoyed seeing people walk though it the most. Everyone had a story from the child playing with toy cars on the floor to the girl carrying three instruments with her. Their stories may not have been exciting or long but they were stories all the same and every one was worth reading.
Finally I enjoyed walking down the street and taking the subway. It felt amazing to walk down china town and little Italy smelling all the food (some of it I don't like the taste of but the smell is still fun.) Although the streets were big and never ending and the sky scrapers tall and looming. It didn't feel foreign or special. In the end it is still a city just a big one. I am glad I saw it don't get me wrong but I think that it makes me more happy knowing that it felt normal.





I normally do not enjoy taking pictures of other people. I often avoid it if I can. However, I took more portraits this weekend than I have taken in my entire life. I was fully enjoying it being able to take pictures of so many different and unique faces. It felt new and refreshing to me since I normally avoid it. I got to enjoy something that I usually don't and I loved it I have gained a new love of portraits. For most difficult I would say skyline cause although it was beautiful in New York City, it was more or less the same everywhere you had to really hunt for a new skyline photo which I didn't feel like it was worth the trouble. I would have liked one of the categories to have been food. The part of New York City I enjoyed the most was eating foods that I couldn't anywhere else so taking pictures of the different foods would have been fun and interesting to me.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Biweekly Boats on Land

Broken. You stand on shore looking out over the vast ocean. The vary same of which you thought was yours. Until that one night when the waves stood twice your height plunging you under, ripping you apart. You were broken and purposeless, drifting on the oceans who have now claimed you as another victim. But, that was then. You've been here for far longer than you remember.