Friday, May 26, 2017

Assignment that I am the most proud of

I have always enjoyed taking a picture of something that I did not have to stage. Something interesting that would just happen naturally on its own. An animal walking by, a couple sharing a kiss or holding hands, even a tree that grew in an interesting way. I love taking a photo of something cool that just happens on it's own accord. I also love take pictures of simple things that just make people smile something small and unimportant. That is why I am proud of my photo of the lemon on the street. The street is entirely in focus while the side walk is just slightly blurred. The shine of the wet road is stunning and the water carving it's way through the tar looks perfect. The contrast between the bright yellow lemon and everything else is amazing. Even the small scuff marks on the lemon add to the photo. It makes me wanna hear the lemon's story how did it get there did it become free, saved from being eaten? or does it feel left out and forgot by the person who bought it. This image is everything that I want in a photo. It feels like the staple for the style that I would want if I became a photographer. It is what I am the most proud of.

Most Memorable Experiences

It was only for three days that I got to visit New York City, it's a place my father always talks about when he gets home from work because it is where he works. He talks to me about the hudson river and what he sees on long island. I've always wanted to go because of this, although New York City didn't feel different from any other city I had been in. It was still special to me because of the sentimental value of the place. I also feel like this was the place I took some of my best photographs. So I'll never forget going to New York City In photo three. I learned how to take better portraits while in New York and I got to practice taking photo's of a ton of different people.


Biweekly number five: Theme trespassing. I went with Anneka to wolf necks farm and I planned to only take photo's for fun. But, the more photo's I took the better they seemed to get and at the end of the walk in the woods we went to look at an old abandoned house. We found away inside and walked around with our camera's absorbing the beauty of the forgotten home. Each step sent echo's down the hallway but the entire time we had our breath taken away form the pure majesty of the house. I don't think I will every forget that day of walking through the woods or the house at the end of the road.


Monday, May 22, 2017

Biweekly #6 Wood working/Painting

These photo's are actually from my eagle scout project. My original topic for this biweekly was signs. However, because I had to spend the entire week end working I was not able to go out and take proper photo's so I decided to do a new theme focused on my eagle scout project. My eagle scout project consisted of building a seven layer podium that has three sections. I was also asked to add on two results boards and 5 directional signs that could be used by the town for any reason.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Bi weekly #6

What's wrong with looking?
I haven't broken anything
everything is exactly were it should be.
I don't see why you are so upset
yes I did see the sign your point?
I wanted to see of corse 
beauty should never be hidden.
I did what I needed and I'm not ashamed.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Pioneers of Photography

Pencil Of Nature- 1844

Cabbage Leaf- 1931

Chinese Pilot- 1938

Bi weekly #5 Lake House

Follow me to the water.
I know where we must go.
For we belong in the water.
Because it is our home.
But yet we must leave.
Go away from the water.
Because we aren't the only ones.
Who live in this water.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Bi weekly #3 Work Shop

The old boat builder lived on an island far away from town he didn't have many friend in fact not many people even knew he existed. But that never faded his smile. He wasn't home often for he still worked out at sea but when he was home with his little old wife you could hear him scraping away at yet another little boat.